Sometimes the difficulties we face in life seem to keep us stuck. Whatever we try, nothing seems to make a real difference. Even though family or friends may be well-meaning, their advice does not help and can occasionally leave us feeling worse! At times like these, many people find talking to an experienced, trained counsellor enables them to turn things around.

Counselling with me will give you the opportunity to discover what is causing your “stuckness”, decide how to move forward and regain happiness and control. Therapy is a word used to refer to interventions aimed at improving your overall wellbeing. Counselling is predominantly talking therapy.

Do any of these questions resonate with you:

  • Feel stuck or just want to feel better?
  • Still feel you’re struggling even though you’ve had CBT?
  • Want to talk to someone in confidence, to be fully heard, accepted and understood?
  • Want to discover more peace of mind, hope and joy?
  • Find anxiety interfering with your life or feel like depression makes everything seem like hard work?
  • Wish you could achieve your full potential, feel really well, both physically and emotionally?
  • Fed up with feeling that you need to do everything perfectly, please others, be strong, try hard and/or hurry up?

If so, then therapy has a lot to offer you. I offer a free initial telephone conversation, giving you as much time and space as you need to consider whether you’d like to come and meet me.