In the animal kingdom mammals have an instinctive trauma release process, which is activated automatically following any traumatic event: they instinctively release the tension through tremoring. We humans are genetically encoded to do the same, but through our social evolution and the development of our brains we have misinterpreted shaking as a sign of trauma rather than a remedy and means of recovery from it. If we do not allow ourselves to shake to release this tension, the tightness remains in our body. The brain then interprets that the threat is still present and so keeps us fuelled with stress hormones, ready to fight or flee. Until the brain can sense the release of the deep fight or flight muscles it will keep us primed for defence.

Anyone can benefit from learning TRE. Whether you have suffered from hard trauma, like a car accident, from years of soft trauma like emotional or mental abuse or are simply looking for a way to rebalance from the stresses of everyday life, you can learn TRE and shake regularly to release the tension held in your body. Most other exercises are designed to release surface level tension in muscles which is very beneficial in many ways but is insufficient for dealing with the deep chronic tension generated by trauma.

The exercises are designed to stress your psoas muscles (hip flexors). By using your body’s natural shaking mechanism, they then relax all muscles associated with stress. The key to these exercises is their ability to naturally evoke shaking from the centre of gravity of your body (in the pelvis). When shaking is evoked at this powerful centre, it reverberates throughout your entire body, seeking out any deep chronic tension that lies in its path and naturally discharging it and relaxing the muscles. When tension is released anywhere in the body, your brain will register a reduction in pain signals and produce new hormones of relaxation and comfort: you will start to feel good!

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