The most natural way that we humans calm down our distress is by being touched, hugged, and rocked. This helps with excessive arousal and can make us feel whole and safe, so engaging in some sort of bodywork (for example therapeutic massage, reflexology, or Bowen therapy) can prove very helpful.

I may suggest touching a client. If they feel safe to allow this I will make firm contact, nothing forced, sharp or fast, but slow, easy to follow and gentle (the first place I might touch is their hand because that’s the safest place to touch anybody, the place where they can touch me back). Just like we can thirst for water, we can thirst for touch. It can be comforting to be touched confidently, firmly, gently. Mindful touch and movement grounds us and allows us to discover tensions that we may have held for so long that we’re no longer even aware of them. When you are touched, you wake up to the part of your body that is being touched. Our bodies are physically restricted when emotions are bound up inside. We can spend a lot of energy holding back tears, or any sound or movement that might betray our inner state. When the physical tension is released, the feelings can be released. Movement helps breathing become deeper, and tensions are released as the body becomes freer. Touch makes it possible to live in a body that can move in response to being moved.

I offer a free initial telephone conversation, giving you as much time and space as you need to consider whether you’d like to come and meet me.